Fall Opening Recap

The Culver City Arts District provided a convenient distraction for the end-of-summer heatwave hitting Los Angeles this weekend. With 20 different galleries opening their doors (and bottles of wine) along La Cienega // Washington Blvd, the CCAD had visitors flooding the streets, and in some cases lining up on the streets, to see what the upcoming fall season of art shows has to offer.

If you’ve not ventured out to the CCAD for these coordinated gallery openings, it is an easy walk along La Cienega & Washington. Differing from the LA Art Walk, the CCAD is a district of must-see galleries interspersed with unique boutique retail & restaurants. With the addition of Helms Bakery, there are plenty of architecture, furniture and design firms as well, making the district inviting to those not as interested in the comings-and-goings in the art world. Here are a few highlights from Saturday, but know that these only a handful of the many openings in the district. Check out the full list here to learn more.

  • Entering the CCAD from Venice and La Cienega, the first gallery visit on Saturday night had a line out the door. The crowds were there to see KAWS at his third show at Honor Fraser, “Man’s Best Friend.” These colorful and cartoon-reminiscent pieces brought a huge crowd, especially as KAWS was present, signing books for visitors.
  • Fresh Paint launched their new gallery space, FP Contemporary, packing in the gallery and annex with excited viewers to check out the group show ‘Core.’
  • Angles Gallery won the night for the most playful exhibition as “Transmogrification of the Ordinary” was a group display of domestic items, altered for our viewing pleasure.
  • Anat Ebgi wins for an unexpected display, showing Joe Reihsen’s “Aftermarket Interior, Factory Paint” through late October. Rather than relying on the standard white-walled interior, the walls are painted to compliment the layers & textures on his monumental pieces. A definite must see.
  • Klowden Mann, George Bills Gallery and Thinkspace are all safe bets for a good show – and this round of openings didn’t disappoint. All three stayed true to form & brought together consistently great paintings & displays (some pictured below) that even non-art-enthusiasts can appreciate.

This list can go on and on of worthwhile shows to check out, but really, you should just see it for yourself. Keep up with the latest in CCAD events & activity by checking out their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages & stay tuned for more updates!



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