1988 Art in Public Spaces: Cloud

1988 clouds2

The Heidi Duckier Dance Theatre will celebrate Culver City’s 1988 adoption of the Art in Public Places Program. The three site-specific performance are on Sunday, April 23
and will center on six featured artworks from Culver City’s public art collection. The half-hour performances take place at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. space is limited. This event is SOLD OUT.

This four-event series celebrates the 1988 adoption of the Art in Public Places Program Ordinance and will highlight the public art program and the performing arts as primary components of the ordinance. Heidi Duckier Dance Theatre joins 1988 Producer and former Culver City Cultural Affairs Commissioner, Marla Koosed, who worked closely on the most recent ordinance update. Together they toast Culver City’s Centennial and present “1988” with performances throughout 2017.  Future performances dates will be announced at a later date.

Inner Gardens Hosts Culver City Arts District Mixer

Inner Gardens Mixer 6

“Splash of Pink”

On August 9th, we headed over to Inner Gardens for a fun and well-attended mixer serving up JR’s BBQ and Tender Greens salads. Plus the cocktails were amazing!

*Recipe for “Splash of Pink” cocktail: 3 parts pink lemonade, 1 part vodka, Handful of mint, Splash of Chambord, Garnish with cherries.

The Culver City Arts District (CCAD) gained official status as a Business Improvement District (BID) this year and along with that comes the opportunity to make neighborhood improvements, get area businesses involved, attract new businesses, and present a strong, cohesive voice at city council meetings. Plus we get to host ArtWalk 2016!

Here are some highlights from the CCAD party:

Our Mayor, Jim Clarke, stopped in to talk about the Culver City Centennial Celebration, beginning with a kickoff parade through downtown Culver City on September 24th.


Culver City Mayor Jim Clarke (right) and Culver City Arts District member Steve Lipson (left)

Culver City Website

Inner Gardens throws a great party, plus they will transform your home or office into the garden of your dreams.

Inner Gardens Mixer 3

Inner Gardens




Tender Greens

If you’re interested in getting involved with ArtWalk 2016, attend a board meeting, or get more information about the Culver City Arts District, please send us an email at ccadbid@gmail.com or visit the website: culvercityartsdistrict.com

Highlights from the Semi-Annual Culver City Art Walk

This past Saturday the planets aligned and the bulk of Culver City’s art galleries had coinciding opening receptions. As this only happens about twice a year, so I’m going to call it the ‘Semi-Annual Culver City Art Walk,’ during which galleries spanning La Cienega and Washington Blvd opened up their air-conditioned havens to the public for a night that did not disappoint.

It is nearly impossible to hit all the galleries in one night, but here are a few highlights  – 

Walter Maciel Gallery –

‘Loiterers’ by Robb Putnam wins the night for the most intriguing and most terrifying installation. Putnam’s sculptures were strewn about the gallery, some were of mice creeping in corners and some were animals strung up on walls and each constructed out of a patchwork of multi-textured materials. These animals look both whimsical & haunting, especially when you get close enough to see the lifelike glass eyes. To quote his website these creatures ‘..seem like monstrously overgrown stuffed toys, wounded stray dogs or imaginary friends—misfits whose demeanors both invite and repel.’

Walter Maciel Gallery

Maxwell Alexander Gallery –

Have you ever been curious what Renaissance painting would look like with contemporary painters sensibility? Michael Klein rides the line between traditional and modern in his recent show at Maxwell Alexander, giving a nod to the rich painting traditions of the 19th century while being completely grounded in a present-day practice.

Maxwell Alexander Gallery

Klowden Mann –

When you walk into Jamison Carter’s ‘A Cold War’ at Klowden Mann, you’re greeted by a cacophony of colors and textures in his large scale installations. To quote the show statement, printed on the back of a neon-stripped-coffin-shaped-card, it shows him ‘Working with hand-cut wood, hand-moulderd plaster, paint, paint pens, colored glue, and paper mache, [he] utilizes a system of purposefully imperfect repetition…’ I couldn’t agree more! This is a great show to see regardless of your taste in art – it’s textures and playful arrangements are a delight to experience.


Koplin Del Rio Gallery –

The punchline of Sarah Perry’s, ‘Within the Walls’ is given away in the title. This show takes mundane elements of walls (vents, outlets, faucets, etc.) and adds creatures coming in & taking over. Think, ‘Attack of the Killer Bees,’ but with subtlety. In fact, if you combined Hitchcock’s sensibilities, David Lynch’s bizarre suspense and fine art, it’d be a lot like this show. It is mysterious and wonderful and definitely worth checking out.

Koplin Del Rio

UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery

The Washington Reid Gallery is attached to an inspiring program, giving artists with a unique developmental perspective the chance to learn, create and exhibit work. The pieces on display showed off Chuck Nagle & Nicolas Canales prowess when it comes to bold colors and statement brushwork. There are also 2 featured artists on display in their project spaces – definitely check out Moto Okawa & Joe Suzuki’s work as well.

Washington Reid Gallery

Charlie Company

Art walks often feature non-gallery businesses hosting art receptions for the night and it is great to see the production company Charlie Co blazing that trail for Culver City. It was their first foray into hosting an artist and the response was positive as painter Patrick Ballesteros displayed work that hearkened back to the pop-culture gems of the 1980’s. Charlie Co’s reception was a one night pop-up show, but you can see more of Patrick’s work at http://patrickballesteros.com/.

Charlie Company

ThinkSpace Gallery

‘The Gilded Age,’ had it’s opening reception on Saturday, but with a line around the corner and only 2 hours to see as much as possible, I didn’t get in. Did anyone else make it out? Send us your photos or thoughts about the to the show to culvercityartsdistrict@gmail.com. We’d love to hear & share!




Fall Opening Recap

The Culver City Arts District provided a convenient distraction for the end-of-summer heatwave hitting Los Angeles this weekend. With 20 different galleries opening their doors (and bottles of wine) along La Cienega // Washington Blvd, the CCAD had visitors flooding the streets, and in some cases lining up on the streets, to see what the upcoming fall season of art shows has to offer.

If you’ve not ventured out to the CCAD for these coordinated gallery openings, it is an easy walk along La Cienega & Washington. Differing from the LA Art Walk, the CCAD is a district of must-see galleries interspersed with unique boutique retail & restaurants. With the addition of Helms Bakery, there are plenty of architecture, furniture and design firms as well, making the district inviting to those not as interested in the comings-and-goings in the art world. Here are a few highlights from Saturday, but know that these only a handful of the many openings in the district. Check out the full list here to learn more.

  • Entering the CCAD from Venice and La Cienega, the first gallery visit on Saturday night had a line out the door. The crowds were there to see KAWS at his third show at Honor Fraser, “Man’s Best Friend.” These colorful and cartoon-reminiscent pieces brought a huge crowd, especially as KAWS was present, signing books for visitors.
  • Fresh Paint launched their new gallery space, FP Contemporary, packing in the gallery and annex with excited viewers to check out the group show ‘Core.’
  • Angles Gallery won the night for the most playful exhibition as “Transmogrification of the Ordinary” was a group display of domestic items, altered for our viewing pleasure.
  • Anat Ebgi wins for an unexpected display, showing Joe Reihsen’s “Aftermarket Interior, Factory Paint” through late October. Rather than relying on the standard white-walled interior, the walls are painted to compliment the layers & textures on his monumental pieces. A definite must see.
  • Klowden Mann, George Bills Gallery and Thinkspace are all safe bets for a good show – and this round of openings didn’t disappoint. All three stayed true to form & brought together consistently great paintings & displays (some pictured below) that even non-art-enthusiasts can appreciate.

This list can go on and on of worthwhile shows to check out, but really, you should just see it for yourself. Keep up with the latest in CCAD events & activity by checking out their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages & stay tuned for more updates!



1st Annual Summer Solstice!

This Summer Solstice we’re teaming up with Make Music LA to be apart of a global musical festival taking place in more than 700 cities around the world! June 21st from 12-7pm, you can find live, local musicians hosted in businesses along the Culver City Arts District for your listening pleasure. And when you’re not checking out these awesome performances, you can celebrate the longest day of the year with self-guided art openings, family friendly crafting & discounts at some of your favorite creative boutiques & restaurants. Check out our Facebook & Twitter pages to get updates on which bands will be playing where, along with details on the discounts & activities going on in the CCAD.

Bonus! take the Metro Expo Line to Culver City Station, show your valid TAP card, Metro employee ID or LA County employee ID to the cashier or server at these Culver City businesses for a special Summer Solstice discount:

About the CCAD

Dine, Shop, and Experience the Culver City Arts District: comprised of contemporary art galleries, artist studios, boutique restaurants and retailers.
The CCAD region is designated as Washington Blvd. in Culver City, between Fairfax and National, as well as La Cienega Blvd. between Venice and Fairfax.

The CCAD Council includes:

Elaine Gerety-Warner, Culver City Representative, City of Culver City
Josetta Sbeglia, Business Logistics Chair, Fresh Paint
Catlin Moore, Marketing Chair, Mark Moore Gallery
Whitney Kaplan, Secretary, Arcana Books

For questions, feedback, and revisions, please email ccadevents@gmail.com