ArtWalk 2016

Celebrate the beginning of the fall art season at the Culver City Arts District’s Art Walk 2016 on Saturday, October 8, 2 to 6 p.m. Art Walk will center on Washington Boulevard between Helms and Fairfax Avenue. Treat all your senses to an array of art, music, dance, food and interactive activities. Take our free self-guided tour of art galleries, retailers, restaurants and creative spaces.

There will be activities for all ages to explore, experience and enjoy the Culver City Arts District. Throughout the day, music and dance performances will be at Art Walk venues.  A full list of activities is HERE.

Art Walk welcomes performers of all ages and features youth performers Culver City High School Academy of Visual Arts, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA)’s Rock Band, and teen band The Sposato Brothers Band. Other musical performers include Par Avion, Super Ultra Megatones, and Victoria Van Winkle.


The Arts District is conveniently located just one block east of the Culver City Expo stop. Parking in the area is limited and guests are encouraged to carpool, bike or use public transportation to the event. Guests are encouraged to park in the Ince parking structure located on the corner of Ince and Washington Blvd.


Guests are advised to refrain from parking in the residential area surrounding the Culver City Art District. Guests can take advantage of unlimited bus rides for $1 courtesy of Culver CityBus along the Art Walk route. Culver CityBus will provide service for ART WALKers along Washington and Culver Boulevards between Downtown Culver City and Fairfax Avenue for only $1 (One Dollar). ART WALKers may board any Culver CityBus at participating Culver CityBus Stops and purchase an ART WALK bus pass from the driver on the day of the event. The ART WALK bus pass is valid for unlimited rides on Line 1 and Line 4 between noon and 8 p.m.


  • Berliner Architects | 5976 Washington Blvd.
  • CCUSD Academy of Visual and Performing
    Arts – Pop! | 8575 Washington Blvd.
  • The Compound: Pop Up Art Installation | 6136 Washington Blvd.
  • Cognoscenti Coffee: Pop Up Art Installation | 6114 Washington Blvd.
  • Helms Design Center: Tornado Creative Art Collective and
    Studio II Fall Exhibition | 8745 Washington Blvd.
  • LAUNCH!gallery | 6039 Washington Blvd.
  • Lurie Gallery | 2736 S. La Cienega Blvd.
  • The Magic Hair Company : Pop Up Art Installation | 8638 Washington Blvd.
  • Washington Reid Gallery | 6110 Washington Blvd.


  • Arcana: Books on the Arts: Book Signing and discussion with
    Anthony Hernandez and Thomas Demand | 8675 Washington Blvd.
  • Bar & Garden: 2 for 1 tastings and live paint | 6142 Washington Blvd.
  • Clive Wilkinson Architects: Open house | 6116 Washington Blvd.
  • Cliffs of ID: Indoor Rock Climbing | 2537 Fairfax Avenue
  • The Compound: Meet artist Eron Rauch  | 6136 Washington Blvd.
  • Essers of Los Angeles: Sports Memorabilia Pop Up
    8542 Washington Blvd.
  • FP Contemporary: Face Painting (2:30 – 4:30) | 5835 Washington Blvd.
  • Helms Bakery District: Green Arts Sewing Workshop | Helms Walk
  • Inner Gardens: Open house | 5838 Perry Dr.
  • Gregory Davis Landscape Architects and Sarah Beck
    Interior Designs: Open house | 8570 Washington Blvd.
  • LAUNCH!gallery: Face Painting & Kids art activities
    6039 Washington Blvd.
  • ROSIES Foundation: Hollywood  Memorabilia Pop Up
    8541 Washington Blvd.
  • Tandus:  Create chalk art | 5968 Washington Blvd.
  • Tandus:  Pokemon Go Artwalk (3:30 PM) | 5968 Washington Blvd.
  • Tandus: Walkers and Rollers kids arts & crafts | 5968 Washington Blvd.
  • Washington Reid Gallery: Art workshop | 6110 Washington Blvd.


2 – 6 PM

  • Launch!gallery: KJLH Radio DJ | 6039 Washington Blvd.
  • Washington Reid Gallery: Music performance by Justin Sky and
    the Astronauts | 6110 Washington Blvd.
  • Industry Jazz Café/ Sauce & Smoke BBQ – Blues band | 6039 Washington Blvd.

2 – 4 PM

  • Alan Desk : AVPA Dance Presentation  (starts at 2:15) | 8575 Washington Blvd.
  • FP Contemporary: Ballet Folklorico Flor de Mexico (3 PM)
    5835 Washington Blvd.
  • Charles Jacobsen: William Hawkins | 5833 Perry Dr.

  • El Baron: D.J. | 8641 Washington Blvd.

4 – 6 PM

  • Alan Desk : Over the Edge Dance Studio  (4:30) | 8575 Washington Blvd.
  • Berliner Architects: Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) Rock Band
    5976 Washington Blvd.
  • Helms Bakery District Design Center:  Music performance by
    Par Avion | 8745 Washington Blvd.
  • Helms Bakery District:  Music performance by SuperUltraMegatones?
    Helms Walk
  • FP Contemporary: Music performance by Sposato Brothers
    5835 Washington Blvd.
  • Sixty29 Contemporary: Music performance by
    Victoria Van Winkle  | 6029 Washington Blvd.


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