Welcome to the Culver City Arts District!

Explore. Experience. Enjoy….the Culver City Arts District!  Hailed by USA Today as one of the 10 “best arts districts” in the nation, come explore, experience and enjoy our unique collection of contemporary art galleries, artist studios, boutique restaurants and specialty services.

The Culver City Arts District is generally  located on Washington Boulevard between Helms and Fairfax Avenues as well as La Cienega Blvd. between Venice and Fairfax Avenue. Take the Metro Expo Line to Culver City Station.  Plan your best route using the Trip Planner.

Keep up with the latest in the CCAD and connect with us via Facebook & Instagram.

For questions, feedback, and revisions, please email ccadbid@gmail.com

One thought on “Welcome to the Culver City Arts District!

  1. Next art walk, how about adding the location of restrooms to the brochure. All we saw were signs in stores saying “no public restrooms” and no signs along Washington indicating where restrooms are located. This oversight was a huge goof.

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